this is Jordan Hull:


Jordan Hull is a singer-songwriter originally from Dayton, Ohio—

home to Guided By Voices, Kim and Kelley Deal, Dave Chappelle, The Ohio Players, Tommy James and the Shondells—to name a few.
...An unassuming pool of talent and do-it-yourself ingenuity

After guerilla-recording his first album in a series of apartments and office buildings in Dayton,OH in 2008 on quarter-inch tape reels with engineer Patrick Himes, Pat convinced the then-19 year-old Jordan to Join him and move to Nashville in pursuit of a life of music. 

Hull lived in Nashville for the better part of the PAST decade—
Dropped in and out of school; Released a follow-up album, Who's gonna Teach You How to Live? (2012) on Philly label, Ropeadope (Snarky Puppy/dirty dozen brass band); Traveled the country playing gigs solo and with his band in the American Dive Circuit. (He has been to 47 of the 50 states and played music in most of them.)

In 2016 Jordan Released His shelved second Album, Grenadine: The Lost EP (2009/16), on cassette via Friend and Fellow songwriter, Ron Gallo's LabeL, American Diamond. The Album was originally recorded in 2009 with Pat Himes and Intended to be the second Album in the Lineage of Jordan's work, but when He Played the record for his Parents and some friends, and asked them to be completely open, they convinced the young writer not not to release the recordings, "Too Experimental." Hurt, hull shelved The Stunted Album for 7 years And turned to his folk roots And The Nashville Sound for the Americana sounding, Who's Gonna Teach You How To Live?, The true 2nd album.  (He now considers This EP to be his best work) 

From 2013-2016 Hull worked on His Most Recent release, SomeWhere IS a Place To Be. The album was a struggle to create. In the time of Recording he was forced to confront His Bipolar Disorder and Stigma's associated with the illness. a severe blow to his ability to work. the stressful conditions of his tour schedule induced manic episodes Eerily mimicking the early life of Brian Wilson. with the help of friends and family and his own wits, he has continued to tour, balance his own life, and currently manages everything himself. 

In 2017 Jordan made the difficult decision to relocate to Portland, OR after a lack of support from Nashville and country music as a whole. The Album that took Hull 5-6 years and some of the best years of his life barely made a splash in the americana scene. 

Now bearded, leading a More private lifestyle in the wake of Trump-America and the  anxiety inducing ripple of the social Media echo-chamber, Hull is slowly rebuilding in Hopes of finding support Among the West Coast Weird More progressive politics, and joining the ranks of his kindred spirits: Elliott Smith, M-Ward, Michael Hurley, Beck, and on, and on...